Troye Sivan

LISTEN: Troye Sivan Unleashes The Sweet And Sentimental “Animal”

Another look at ‘Bloom’ before it drops on August 31st
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Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande Met Gala 2018

Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan Reveal Release Date for Highly-Anticipated Collab

Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande are blessing our ears with one of the most iconic collabs tomorrow! We can't wait to hear "Dance To This."
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Troye Sivan Shares Captivating "Bloom" Video

To say Troye Sivan's "Bloom" music video is glamorous would be an understatement.
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Lotuses Bloomed In Thai National Park For The First Time In 10 Years

Many Thais revere lotus plants, which symbolize purity, enlightenment and wisdom in the Thai culture. According to lore, when Buddha was born, his first seven steps were cushioned by these beautiful, symmetrical flowers. All over Thailand, it’s common to find temples and pavilions in the midst of...
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LISTEN: 16-Minute Radiohead Remix

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood created a 16-minute “Bloom Creatures Mix,” which made its debut at Paris Fashion Week—specifically during the show for the new collection from Jun Takahashi’s brand, Undercover. “Bloom Creatures Mix” feels more like a remix of past Radiohead songs and...
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