Red Onions Help Fight Cancer, Study Says

When it comes to fighting off cancer, your diet plays a large role. You’ve probably heard all about antioxidants and their ability to prevent cell damage by fighting off free radicals. Plant-based foods in particular contain these compounds. This makes it important to eat your fair share of fruits...
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35-pound ‘fat Cat’ Needs New Family For Adoption

Are you a big cat lover? No, I mean a really, really BIG cat lover. If so, here’s something that may interest you. A 35-pound cat named Symba is currently up for adoption. Now that’s a true “fat cat!” Yep. 35 pounds. That’s bigger than a lion cub. He’s bigger
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Science Says Eating A Vegetarian Diet Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

Everyone knows that dieting is about watching what you eat. But new research suggests going vegetarian is twice as effective when it comes to slimming down as calorie counting. So yes, throw out that scale! (Or maybe don’t, up to you.) According to a recent study, ramping up on plant-based protein
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